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306                           LETTERS   FROM   THE


Admiral Totty has sent down the Plover
sloop-of-war, Captain Gal way. The Aimable was
detained by the mutiny at Dominica, and I have
been a month idle here. We shall go early to-
morrow to a country-house on the north side,
among the mountains, where a large party is to
meet us, and next morning breakfast on board the
sloop at Frederickstadt, from whence we shall take
our departure at noon. We stopped to dine and
sup at St. Thomas, next day dine with Mr.
Georges at Tortola, then to St. Kitts.

Tortola, May zoth.

I write to save the packet, lest anybody, or
the papers, should inform you that the Plover
sloop-of-war was wrecked the night before last
on the Anegada reef. About four hours after-
wards, I, with eight more, came off in a boat to
procure assistance; and after a most perilous row
of three leagues, wet to the skin and fatigued,
not knowing what land it was we saw, nor how
to get over the reef, we met a boat that took us
into North Sound, Virgin Gorda. Here I pro-
cured several small vessels, and have since heard